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July 28, 2018

Richard Dawkins and the Muslim Call to Prayer

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Shadow To Light

Richard Dawkins recently got himself in trouble again with Twitter.  For many months now, Dawkins has been trying to repair his reputation and standing among the social justice atheists by restricting his Twitter attacks to approved targets, such as Trump, Brexit, and Christians.  But then on July 16, he strayed from the woken path and tweeted the following:

This, of course, triggered an outpouring of outrage from various corners of the social justice universe.  Even Hement Mehta and PZ Myers piled on.

Dawkins would then dig himself deeper into the hole by tweeting the next day:

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July 27, 2018

RationalityRules Does Not Understand Philosophy

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Most of the time you can tell when you are watching an atheist’s youtube channel due to the lack of maturity and respect in the video. Take the channel, “Rationality Rules” (RR) who recently did a response to me on free will:

He decided to take the low road and refer to me as SP, for “Shit Philosophy.” How cute! I’ve never heard that one before. . . It is like most internet atheists have just fully accepted they cannot engage in a conversation without insults or revealing how low their maturity is. But let’s put that aside and ask if he actually gave a decent response. Well no, and typically I don’t waste my time responding to bad videos like this, but this one was too easy.

The first thing he does is he says I “demonstrably lie.” However, he never proves this. Later he admits  I either intentionally misrepresent Harris…

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Gamergate: Through My Eyes

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GamerGate Explained

by Elizabeth “Lizzyf620” Fogarty

Corruption. Politics. Nepotism. Sex. Moral panic. Adam Baldwin. No, this isn’t a Hollywood film. Rather, it is the very real saga that is the video game world’s current controversy, known as Gamergate. While the consumer revolt has garnered a large amount of press between small game publications and mainstream media outlets, a majority of this coverage has failed to include a complete and honest picture of both sides of the controversy, rather selling conjecture as indisputable fact. My name is Elizabeth Fogarty, and for the past 4 months, I have actively fought for the key goals behind the Gamergate consumer revolt. And they are not what you think.

But Seriously, What IS Gamergate?

The Gamergate controversy is the result of a combination of separate, yet related, issues. Firstly it is a call for ethical reform in the games press, primarily in the form of disclosure of either…

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May 27, 2018


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Rubicon Crossing

The good news is populism is rising, the extra good news is our political elites are terrified of this dramatic transformation in politics. This is happening due to a mixture of things, though firstly its due to a stagnation in mainstream political parties. Look all around the Western world, whether it is Britain, USA, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand or Australia, there is a fatigue, a weariness. The same old centrist politics that have dominated our lives for the last 40, maybe 50 years. The same tired old policies being wheeled out at every election.


The Republicans (GOP) in America, the Tories in Britain, the Liberal party in Australia, the CDU party in Germany and many more centre right parties across the Western world.  These are all so called “conservative” parties, but they have all one thing in common – their constant drift towards the centre left. Take your pick…

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November 25, 2005

Hello world!

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